R&D Laboratory “Neurocomputing” performs teaching and research activities with specific equipment and components. In particular, the laboratory has 10 modern computer configurations connected in a wireless network with a server, two electroencephalographic caps with corresponding software for processing and visualization of electroencephalographic signals, two drones, one robot, etc. The laboratory is conducting research on artificial intelligence, neural networks and brain calculations. The laboratory is a preferred partner in the development of innovative projects in the sector and in this respect contributes to the development and maintenance of highly qualified specialists through the use of state-of-the-art methods and practices in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks. The laboratory is used for teaching in the disciplines Fuzzy Control and Neural Networks, Neural Networks and Non-Linear Systems and Neural Networks. The laboratory was also used in many conferences and workshops. The team is composed of qualified lecturers and PhD students of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Automatics, with numerous scientific publications and a large number of scientific references.



Modelling with Neural Networks (Neurocomputing) Lab, TU-Sofia, Building 12, room 12512

"Modelling with Neural Networks (Neurocomputing)" Lab